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Home Grown Fashion and Art in One Diverse Space…

Bristol Co-Op was born at the end of a episode of severe mental health issues. During this time I could not see light or think that things would ever become better. It did get better! And I am so grateful to the NHS team’s that supported me. So i wanted to give back. With that at heart we are Giving 5% of all profits, will go to the Mental Health Charity called Second Step(https://www.second-step.co.uk/). Aim to hit 10% after 5 years adding 1% a year.

Bristol Co-Op stands for Bristol Co-Operative. As we are a group of local Artist and Fashion Designers. Creating unique and locally produced gifts for all.

We are an Ethical Business with Mental Health at the Heart of it. Also we want to support small local business’s getting their amazing works of art and fashion to the market. All gifts on this site are local,special and unique. You will not find these items on the high street. We try and support our local artisan’s as much as possible. In the current climate that is more important than ever.

Treating yourself to a gift! Treat someone else. Everyone deserves something special.

Art Payment Plan

Like piece of Art? We have now made it easier for you to buy. Any Art over the price of £75 you can now pay in 4 easy instalments. Just email us to arrange.

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