Our Story

Home Grown Fashion and Art in One Diverse Space…

Bristol Co-Op stands for Bristol Co-Operative. We are a collection of local Artists & Fashion Designers, who create an array of beautiful and unique products and gifts. We are extremely proud to be providing a small platform for these talented artisans and extremely proud to offer such a wonderful curation of art, clothing, tableware, jewellery and accessories. Each item across each category is entirely bespoke and cannot be found on the High Street. 
The idea for Bristol Co-Op was born out of my own personal recovery from severe mental health issues. During this turbulent period of my life, in a time when I could see nothing but darkness, I was guided and supported by the NHS. For this support, I am eternally grateful, and so a core mission of Bristol Co-Op is to give back to individuals and organisations who are supporting other people navigate their way through difficult mental health challenges. 

This is why we donate 5% of all profits to the brilliant mental health charity, Second Step.

Furthermore, as we grow and as sales increase into 2021 and beyond, it is our aim to incrementally raise our donation from the current 5%, to 6% in 2021, all the way up to 10% in 2025.